Habit Designer

Habit: A behavior that is completed regularly and automatically.

Designer: A person who plans with precision and detail to ensure what is being created works as intended.

Become the Architect of Your Life.

People often assume the secret to change is willpower. People blame themselves when they are not successful but they don’t have the blueprints for change. Lack of success is a design flaw, not an inability to change. We will teach you to become a habit designer. You will be able to apply what you learn to design any behavior you want. 


Movement Blueprints

Re-Solve Movement

Behavioral Change Blueprints

Habits for Happiness

How It Works, Why It Lasts

At Habit Designer we teach you to become the architect of your life so you can design new habits with researched blueprints. 

  • Learn movement habits in our online course that will prevent injury and address chronic issues. 
  • Learn behavior habits in our coaching program for any desired behavior. 
  • Combine coaching with our online course for truly amazing outcomes.  

Using the research of positive psychology, behavior change, and postural restoration, learn how to become the architect of your life.  Decrease the time it takes to form new habits, see outcomes, and finally be successful! 

Kate and Jim Wittekind

Co-founders of HabitDesigner.com

We have a shared passion to help as many people as possible become the highest versions of themselves that they can imagine. Weather it be designing new habits for health, relationships, or merely interacting with the world around you, we have the perfect blueprint for you. We want to share our knowledge and experience stemming from our life long journey as learners so you too can become who you really are, and be proud of it!