Why Focus on Breathing?

  1. ZOA - Zone Of Apposition: The Zone is created when the ribcage is positioned in a state of exhalation: rotated down away from the face, neck and collar bone; in towards the center, and back over the pelvis. This down, back, and in position puts the diaphragm in the correct position to perform an inhalation. 
    • Inhalation means to get bigger in all dimensions consisting of up, forward, and out away from the center.
    • Exhalation means get smaller in all dimensions consisting of down, back, and in (in is really the spine moving over to one side).
  2. When both the diaphragms and the rib cages (yes there are two of each) are made to smoothly alternate between the two states of inhale and exhale:
    • Air most efficiently moves in and out of the lungs. 
    • The system goes through a pumping motion moving air, lymph (waste product drainage system), and pressure most effectively side to side, up and down, and in a twisting motion.
      • This is beneficial for every aspect of the human body as it allows flow to happen reducing stagnation.
    • Analogy: a towel being used to soak up a mess, being twisted into a tight band to squeeze out the dirty water so it can then be untwisted to absorb freshwater - pumping & flowing: out with the old, dirty water and in with the fresh and clean.
  3. Since the spine connects the entire body, this rib cage twisting and untwisting also unlocks every joint in the body to allow maximal movement:
    • reducing strain and possibly perceived pain
    • maximizes the potential to fully recover
    • maximizes force production of muscles leading to more efficiency and better performance. 

What are the 3 planes of movement?

  1. The 3 planes of movement that every joint must be proficient in are Sagittal, Frontal, and Transverse.
    • The sagittal plane (SP) occurs as you are looking at the person from the side. Examples: ankle pump up/down, knee bend/extending, neck looking up/down.
    • The Frontal Plane (FP) occurs as you are looking at the person from the front/back. Examples: Moving leg out to the side, Trunk sliding side to side like a "sliding glass door" or neck bending side to side
    • Transverse Plane (TP) occurs as a twisting motion like turning head side to side, rotating hips or shoulders. 

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