As it turns out, getting stronger is quite simple: Create maximal tension and do it 3 times to fatigue. That's it. Sprinkle in some Leucine and some Vitamin C, and it's game time! This short video explains how to do it.

Total Tension (2:50)

Next Steps:

  1. If getting stronger is your goal:
    • Practice Total Tension as much as possible during your exercises.
    • Consume Leucine and Vitamin C:
      • Leucine (2.6 g 2-3 times per day)
        • First meal is most important and should be centered on protein.
          • Helps feelings of fullness.
          • Helps promote muscle growth with activity.
        • 3-4 oz (30 g) animal protein, ground meat may work better.
        • Whey Protein (dairy) will work if not sensitive.
        • Vegan, look at protein breakdown for Leucine content.
      • Vitamin C (~50 mg) is required for collagen synthesis.
      • If you work out fasted, consume within 30-60 min after the workout.
      • If you work out fed, ~1 hour before work out.
  2. Practice the movements with as much easeful effort as possible.
    • Strain and Tension are important but not if it causes you to use your old habits. 

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Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride!

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