Re-Solve Movement by Habit Designer

Re-Solve Movement

An innovative online program designed by Postural Restoration Certified Physical Therapist, Dr Jim Wittekind. Regardless of your current physical ability, exercise regime, or understanding, many of us are twisted, bowed up, and locked into certain movement habits leading to aches and pains, increased injury, and poor performance. By bringing your movement habits into balance, you will achieve appropriate flexibility, strength, and smooth efficient movement. You will receive the blueprints to uncover the full potential of the human design getting the results you want without injury. We combine mindful movement, breathing mechanics and bodyweight exercises, done right.

Preview Sections:

Re-Solve Movement Legal Disclaimer
Please Read Carefully
Legal Disclaimer: Attestation
Module One: Breathing is the Foundation - Education
3 mins
16 mins
Breathing: More Than Moving Air
32 mins
Design Your Success
Foundational Stuff
16 mins
Reference Matters
10 mins
Wrist Analogy/Position Matters
2 mins
Nasal Breathing/Tongue Matters
6 mins
The Breathing App
6 mins
Module One: Breathing is the Foundation - Activities
Assessment: Rib Movement, Breathing, and Body Sense
21 mins
Get Into Your Zone!
The Power of Peaceful Passivity
21 mins
60-60 Sidelying Twists
ZOA 1 - Side crunch
5 mins
ZOA 2 - Right Lane
5 mins
ZOA 3 - Left Lane
3 mins
ZOA 4 - Hip Lift
4 mins
Module One: Breathing is the Foundation - Flow Session
Sidelying ZOA Flow Session
Module Two: Shutting Down Patterns - Education
Welcome to Module 2
Balloons, Balloons, Balloons!
25 mins
Sagittal Plane 101: Education
Module Two: Shutting Down Patterns - Activities
Assess Standing
24 mins
Inhibition Will Set You Free
Sagittal Plane 101
Module 2: Shutting Down Patterns - Activity Flow Session
Inhibition: Activity Flow Session
Module 2: Additional Resources
Standing PRI Balloon Technique
630 KB
Seated PRI Balloon Technique
652 KB
Module Three: Alternation! - Activities
End Stagnation: Alternation Pumps Flow
Module Four: Squat, Pushup and Pullups - Education
Total Tension: Strength Made Simple
Importance of Managing Your Ribs
Module Four: Squat, Pushup and Pullup - Activities
All Fours - Foundations of Human Movement
Left Pec Major Is A Boss! - Pull Up Prequels
Standing - Starting to Squat