Re-Solve Movement by Habit Designer

Re-Solve Movement

An innovative Online Coaching Program designed to bring the body's movement habits into balance. You will achieve flexibility, strength, and smooth efficient movement. You will uncover the full potential of the human design by combining mindful movement, breathing mechanics and body weight exercises.

Limited Time Offer: Get 4 weeks of Re-Solve Movement for free. Donations accepted - scroll down to the bottom of the page for link.

Coupon Code: COVID19_MVT

Donate If You Can:

With your help, I can offer the first 4 weeks of my program to anybody who wants to use it, regardless of the ability to pay. Your donation is extremely helpful.

My single goal: do the best I can to help out my fellow mankind during these troubling, uncertain times. I hope you enjoy the program.

NOTE: You will be redirected to this page to gain access to the course. If you choose, you can use the coupon code to access the course and donate at a later time.