Meet Our Team!

Jim Wittekind, DPT, PRC - Co-Founder

As Jim worked through his 17 year PT career, he underwent a significant paradigm shift. He discovered the most inclusive and holistic understanding of human movement. Seeking to make positive change in as many people as possible, he integrated PRI with online movement coaching. He designed the program with one goal: Outcomes, Outcomes, Outcomes.

  • Developed and implemented Re-Solve Movement, online integrated movement coaching
  • Postural Restoration Certified since 2018
  • Professional Mentoring Program to help other professionals successfully apply PRI and Habit Designer concepts
  • Owner/Operator of Flagstaff Integrated Therapies PT clinic for 11 years
  • Postural Restoration Certified, 2018
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University, 2003
Personal Success with Habit Design: 
  • Recovered from chronic headaches, shoulder pain, and back pain
  • Increased intensive physical exercise without head/neck flare ups
  • Change diet, lost weight, and leaned out
  • Stopped self sabotage and self hate
  • Reduced drinking & stopped smoking
  • Reduce Social Media time and stop comparing self to others
  • Positively support children and wife
  • Improved parenting and diffused power struggles

Kate Wittekind, MAPP - Co-Founder

Kate's passion in behavioral change stems from a lifelong pursuit to improve herself and be of aid to those around her. Who better to help you on your journey than someone who has helped incarcerated juveniles and adults find the courage and blueprints to reinvent themselves. It's never too late to make new decisions and change your path.

  • Developed and implemented the wellness program for six government agencies for 3200 employees for seven years. 
  • 500-hour certified yoga therapy teacher. Taught yoga for 5 years
  • Managed at a residential treatment facility for juveniles
  • Co-founder of a non-profit serving those coming out of jail and prison
Personal Success with Habit Design: 
  • Recovered from undiagnosable chronic pain
  • Increased physical exercise
  • Change diet, lost weight
  • Floss daily
  • Stopped drinking & smoking
  • Read daily
  • Positively support husband and stopped nagging
  • Improved parenting and diffused power struggles